Willa's Shortbread

Willa's Shortbread Bites - Box

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Willa’s Classic Shortbread Cookies are handcrafted using only the finest all natural ingredients and pure creamery butter, just as they were when Willa first offered them way back in 1975. One taste of these buttery old-fashioned Scottish delights and you’ll see why they are still such a popular item.

The Tennessee Whiskey Shortbread is every bit as smooth as the whiskey they use. We hear it's a great whiskey from Lynchburg and that's the most they'll divulge on that secret. You'll love the subtle whiskey flavor of these wonderful cookies. Although real whiskey is used, all alcohol burns off during baking so it's perfectly ok to share with the kiddos (or we wouldn't blame you if you told them they're for adults only so you can keep them all for yourself). 

These tins of shortbread bites are perfect for snacks, appetizers or as a dessert, one bite and you'll see why they are a favorite across the south. Be sure to give them a try with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. And you know us, you might as well have them with your evening whiskey!


  • Classic - wheat flour, butter, sugar
  • Tennessee Whiskey - wheat flour, butter, sugar, Tennessee Whiskey, Tennessee whiskey flavor.


  • Net Wt. 8oz
  • 100% All natural
  • 100% Real butter
  • Hand-crafted + Award-winning

Allergen Note: This product is baked in a facility that handles tree nuts. 

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