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Bridle Belt

$ 115

This belt show confidence and style. The beautiful nature of this English Bridle doesn't need much more adornment than the solid brass buckle. the leather begins a bit firm but breaks in to reveal a wonderful supple leather with time and wear. It has a lasting shine and smoothness that will easily make it a favorite of any man's wardrobe. 

Illustration of the OLG-TX Bridle Belt Style

Start Here: How to Best Measure for Your Belt Size


  • Single-layer of true hand-finished English Bridle from the Sedgwick & Co. tannery in Britan 
  • English point belt tip
  • 1.5" wide strap
  • Solid brass square center bar


  • 1.5" wide strap
  • 7 adjustment holes positioned 1" apart. The center hole is set as the size of the belt.

SIZING (Important!)

  • More Details:
    How to Best Measure for Your Belt Size
  • It's NOT your pants size, but in a pinch, you can add 3-4 inches to your pants size to get closer, BUT the method above is far more accurate.

      Leather Type/Options

      • Sedgwick English Bridle - A true English bridle leather from the legendary Sedgwick & Co. tannery in Walsall, England (est. 1900). This vegetable-tanned leather has a beautiful open grain texture to ensure that the fibers are strong and the leather stays smooth. Each side is hand waxed and colored. These leathers have great tensile strength and high shine that will last a lifetime.


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