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No Touch Key / Stylus

$ 25

Touchless Key/Tool/Stylus Made of Raw Antimicrobial Brass

This touchless key tool is made of a specially formulated brass. It is sand casted giving it soft and contoured edges - no sharp edges! Brass is made up primarily of copper and zinc, however, our antimicrobial brass uses higher amounts of copper, which gives the piece its enhanced antimicrobial properties. The copper ion is what kills germs and viruses through a process of attacking the cell membrane and the viruses cytoplasm. We have used over 65% copper in the material composition. With 65% copper concentration you kill 99.9% of the bacteria within approximately 2 hours. It kills 40% of the bacteria in 10 minutes. Of course, the brass is not coated with any lacquer so the surface is raw, allowing the piece to patina over time.

This tool is great for opening doors, pressing buttons on credit card machines, pulling levers, and touching other commonly shared surfaces. 

Size: 3.25" inches long

This item is made from Low Lead Brass under 100ppm

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