Edward Clack

Paracord Bracelet

$ 12

Also known as survival bracelets or parachute cord bracelets, they are made of nylon woven cords twisted together to handle a heavy load. Wear it as a bracelet so that it's handy if you're ever caught in an emergency or survival situation.

  • Each bracelet is two-tone
  • One size fits most
  • Measures 8"-9" end-to-end

Meet Edward

I am eleven-year-old Edward Clack taking genes after my father and mother Odin and Rachelle Clack becoming my own entrepreneur. I am all about adventure and enjoy learning survival techniques for various reasons - sometimes because the information is simply interesting, or in case I'm ever stranded on a mountain or in the jungle, or to be ready if there's ever a zombie apocalypse. 

I started making these for fun and because it was oddly relaxing to sit and mess around with but then decided if I made enough I could start my own business. After a sales pitch and making sure my product was to their standards, Odin Leather Goods added my bracelets online and in-store. 

Common Uses

  • Wilderness first aid
  • Catch a fish
  • Make a survival snare
  • Build a survival shelter
  • Make repairs
  • Make a lanyard
  • Start a fire
  • Make a suspension line or tripwire
  • Raise a bear bag

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