Odin Leather Goods

Bailey Cross-body Bag w/ Ostrich

$ 250

This cross-body purse is perfect for any lady looking to travel light with a bag that will look good with any outfit and one that will stand up to the rigors of life on the go. It's perfect for ladies young and old.

It's an intentionally simple design that doesn't conflict with your style. Each purse includes a matching adjustable shoulder strap. The interior has an open compartment and one pocket for your keys or other quick-access items. 

We don’t make or stock these in any standard colors. Instead, the available colors and types of leather are always changing depending on the season and what’s available at our preferred tannery partners. As a result, Baileys are made in small batches. So if you see one you like, don't think twice, or you might just miss it. Lastly, if your heart is set on a specific color or style, it never hurts to call one of the stores. It may be possible for us to make one to order for you.


  • Approximately 8.5" W x 6.5" H with a 2.75"  gusset

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