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Citronella Candle - Citronella + Lavender

$ 25 $ 32
Citronella blended with the relaxing aroma of lavender. 14 oz candle. Burn time 60 hours. From the backyard to the backcountry, our citronella line is a must-have for the great outdoors. We have blended traditional citronella with other fine fragrances to make them smell as good as they are at keeping the bugs away. NOTE: Even if you have no intention of burning the citronella candles in your store, you may want to consider ordering testers for these citronella candles. They are poured in paint cans and do require a coin, screwdriver, or similar to open, which a customer may not have on them. Due to these being poured in steel paint cans, they should not be stored outside or in a high humidity space such as a greenhouse. Long term storage in those environments can lead to rusting.

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