Odin Leather Goods

The Gunslinger

$ 135

A single-layer version of our Gonzales belt, but still just as beefy, and a seriously handsome belt for a guy who'd like a little more style without sacrificing any of the functionality or durability. 

Start Here: How to Best Measure for Your Belt Size


    • Popular Buck Brown Leather/Color
    • Premium top-grain harness leather
    • English point belt tip
  • Contrasting gunslinger/crazy-8 stitch pattern
  • 1.5" wide strap
  • Solid brass roller buckle


  • Single layer w/ a contrasting gunslinger/crazy-8 stitch pattern.
  • 1.5" wide strap
  • 7 adjustment holes positioned 1" apart. The center hole is set as the size of the belt.

SIZING (Important!)

  • It's NOT your pants size, but in a pinch, you can add 3-4 inches to your pants size to get closer, BUT the method above is far more accurate.


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