Odin Leather Goods

Intro to Leather - Saturday, July 20, 2024, Noon-2pm

$ 95 $ 125

The Intro to Leather class is intended to give participants a fun and relaxed introduction to leather craft; great for someone who’s interested but has never touched leather, the beginner who’s just getting started, or someone who’s just looking for something fun or different to do. 

Starting with a workshop tour, participants will also receive an explanation and demonstration of a variety of tools and machinery, as well as a walk through of different types of leather and their purposes. 

After the tour, participants will gather around the workbench to create their own leather good(s) from raw materials. This class will introduce you to various cutting methods (hand cutting, manual press, and hydraulic press using cutting dies), design processes (carving, stamping, and tooling*), and a variety of finishing options (paint, burnish, dye).  

Every step along the way, participants will be loaded with the history of OLG, leather and tool knowledge, and plenty of answers to common questions.

This Class Includes

  • Workshop tour
  • Instruction on completing a leather product
  • Saddle-Stitch Basics
  • Leather, tools and materials

*Do note that this portion of the class is an intro only and will not include in-depth instruction on carving or tooling. Stay tuned for our tooling class TBA.

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