Odin Leather Goods

Key Hanger

$ 25

Slip this simple and classic utilitarian accessory on to your belt and position over your front or rear pants pockets. 

This has two big benefits: 1) keeping your keys secure, and safely with you, without fear of losing them while out on adventures; and 2) keeping your keys suspended in the middle of your pocket instead of being uncomfortably bunched up at the bottom.

Sounds simple, right? It is!

As an alternative you can attach the key hanger to nearly any strap - like purse handles, backpacks, etc. - to keep keys close by.

Natural Saddle Skirting pictured on belt. Do note; only Brown Latigo currently in stock.


  • Thick cut bridle or latigo leather
  • Heavy duty solid brass halter snap
  • Heavy duty solid brass button snap


  • Brush clean with a dry cloth
  • Treat with Blackrock Leather-n-Rich conditioner as needed

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