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Key Hook – Free Dreams. Full Price Hustle.

$ 25

The Odin Leather Goods mantra is simple... Free Dreams. Full Price Hustle. We repeat this often as a reminder that it's easy to come up with fanciful dreams and ideas. The hard part is making those dreams come through - and that only happens in one way... HARD WORK and HUSTLE!

These brass hook accessories are inspired by the brass hooks traditionally used by Japanese fishermen to keep their knives and other gear secure and close at hand while at work. They're a great, and classic, tool to hook onto your pants pocket or belt loop to keep your keys from sinking to the bottom of your pocket, or bag, while still keeping them easily accessible. They also work great hooked over straps and the tops of bags and totes to keep your keys from disappearing to the bottom.


  • Vegetable Tanned Leather Fob 
  • Solid brass "fish" hook keychain, and o-ring in natural or anodized brass
  • Hooks can bend slightly to fit over thinner or thicker material


  • Fob - 3.5" x 1.5"
  • Hook - 3"


  • Brush clean with dry cloth
  • Treat with Blackrock Leather-n-Rich conditioner as needed

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