Odin Leather Goods

Leather Boot Laces

$ 15

Leather straps have kept boots and footwear secured for centuries. These OLG Premium Leather Laces uphold that tradition. 

Laces can be cut to custom lengths for a perfect fit, and don't frey. Unlike other materials, leather compress and grips and, as a result, does an excellent job holding knots secure so that you may walk with confidence all day.

We use an alum tanned, or "tawed," leather for our boot laces. The result is a lace that provides high strength, superior durability, and great moisture resistance - all great qualities for leather boot laces (as well as for baseball glove laces, sports balls, whips, and more). 


  • Lengths -72"
  • Width - 9/64"
  • Made in the USA


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