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Belt: Casual Duty (Grey)

$ 55

This one will easily be your new favorite belt. The OLG-TX Standards Belt is made of a beautiful water buffalo leather. Built to last its new owner for many years and it will only get better with time and use. The 12/13oz weight leather makes the perfect belt for daily casual wear, heavy duty work, or even on days when you need to be a bit dressier.


  • Hand cut straps of water buffalo leather
  • Edges are finished, burnished and waxed by hand
  • Solid black buckle
  • Hand peened copper rivets
  • 1.5" wide strap
  • 7 adjustment holes positioned 1" apart for up to 7" of adjustment


  • 12/13oz water buffalo leather
  • Solid black buckle
  • Solid copper rivets


  • Belts are made-to-order and cut to your specific size
  • To find your perfect size, measure in inches your current belt from where the leather folds around the buckle, to the hole you most commonly use - this WILL NOT be your pants size.
  • More Details: How to Best Measure for Your Belt Size


      • Brush clean with a dry cloth
      • Treat with Blackrock Leather-n-Rich conditioner as needed

      Before you order...

      Please watch this quick 30-second video on how to find your belt size. Just a hint, it's not your pant size and may differ from store bought belts. If you must guesstimate, we suggest adding 4 inches to your pants size.

      Belts are not refundable, so it's important we get it right for you.

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