Smoked Craft Cocktail Kit

$ 90
Our smoke rinse method requires no mechanical parts and saves space over bulky alternatives. Since our Smoked Cocktail Set is purpose-built, it's more efficient than DIY alternatives and fits right into your home bar.
  • Quantity: 5-piece set
  • Material: Black borosilicate glass, matte black silicone, whiskey-soaked charcoal, oak pellets
  • Included: 1 Glass Smoking Stand, 1 Glass Infuser Carafe, 1 Silicone Stopper, 20 Smoking Pellets, 1 Recipe Booklet
  • Care: Hand wash only

HARNESS THE POWER OF SMOKE TO INFUSE ANY COCKTAIL - The Smoked Cocktail Set by Viski is designed specifically for cocktails, so you can achieve the ideal smoke infusion that suits your tastes. Smoking cocktails has been a major trend in bartending for years. This barware toolset is a new way to smoke cocktails right in your own home without complicated equipment.

Our smoke rinse method requires no mechanical parts and saves space over bulky alternatives. We refined the process to create a reliable infusion system with a better end result. This cocktail smoking method captures smoke in a carafe and lets you infuse a wide range of liquor and other liquids by swirling with our purpose-built kit.

PERFECT GIFT FOR WHISKEY LOVERS, HOME MIXOLOGISTS AND HOME BARTENDERS - Each component also fits right into your home bar kit, making this set much more versatile than usual smoker guns or smoker sets. The included glass carafe is a stylish, smoky hue and can be used for serving whiskey, tequila, and other liquor when the smoker kit is not in use.

COCKTAIL RECIPE BOOK AND DIRECTIONS INCLUDED - Find out how to make a smoked old fashioned, smoky negroni cocktail and other drinks using the Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit. Directions and ingredient list for each drink is included in the recipe booklet. Try out these proven smoked cocktails and then experiment to make your own!

COMES WITH SMOKING PELLETS FOR UP TO 50 BATCHES - The provided sugar maple smoking pellets are designed to impart rich smoky flavor with minimal space and effort. Smoking pellets can be reused up to 3 times each, depending on size. The Viski Cocktail Smoking Kit comes with enough pellets for approximately 50 batches of cocktails. This means if you make multiple cocktails a batch, you can make hundreds of cocktails just with what’s included in this kit.

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