Odin Leather Goods

Zipper Bag - Waxed Suede

$ 45

We love to keep it simple around the Odin Leather Goods workshop. These zipper pouches are the epitome of that.

They have hundreds of uses.

  • Travel – electronic cords and cables, toiletries and cosmetics, snacks, etc.
  • Workshop – wrenches, tools, drill bits, specialty tools, etc.
  • Camping – tinder, dry snacks, tent, etc.
  • Kids – snacks, toys, art supplies, pencils, etc.

Regardless of your chosen use, it's sure to become a constant companion.


  • Size: 9" x 11"


  • 4/5 oz waxed Itallian suede (water proof)
  • Heavy duty brass YKK #10 zipper

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