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Rifle Sling - Acrylic Template

$ 36


Versatile rifle sling design  

Template Features

  • Durable 3mm tinted cast acrylic
  • The multi-piece template design is easier to use
  • Tinted acrylic is easier to find/see on a workbench compared to clear acrylic
  • Relevant notes etched directly onto the template 

Build Video

  • Coming Soon

Recommended Tools

    Recommended Leathers

    Any variety of leather tannages can be used to make a guitar strap. Some players prefer a beefier strap, while others like softer or more flexible straps. You can also make straps with more "grip" or "slide" by lining it with suede or calf leather. The choice is yours. Below are a few options we like to use...

    • Richard Hofman
    • Apollo
    • English Bridle
    • Suede


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