For the product's expected lifetime, based on average use and considering specific materials used in construction. We believe in the beauty you give· your leather goods: the nicks, burnished edges, the beauty marks. The more fully you live life, the more you earn the patina on your product. Odin Leather Goods is proud to offer you a Lifetime Guarantee. In exchange, we ask that you preserve your product with leather care. Conditioning your leather ensures its strength and longevity. Ask us for conditioning pro tips!

Our Lifetime Guarantee means that we stand behind the materials we use and the way it is constructed. If something goes wrong that shouldn't, we will work to fix the mistake, and in some cases, we may need to replace the product for you. This means we cover manufacturer defects, not expected 'wear & tear' as the product ages.

Unlimited Warranty (valid from date of purchase)

  • Leather Workmanship
  • Hardware

1 Year Limited Warranty (valid from date of purchase)

  • Fabric and Linings
  • Artisan Textiles
  • Velcro and Elastic
  • Seams
  • Wallet
  • Belts


  • Merchandise not made by Odin Leather Goods.
  • Shoes, hats, watches, jewelry, clothing, apothecary, and home goods.
  • Vintage or antique collections or items.
  • Sale Product (including 50% off, final or sample sales).
  • Retail props, fixtures, and décor.
  • International orders or third parties shipping to International addresses.
  • Merchandise purchased through discount retailers or third-parties