Odin Leather Goods started off in 2012 on the corner of Odin and Rachelle's dining room table. Back then it was just an experiment to see if Odin could make a simple laptop sleeve. Instead of making just one, he made six or seven - each iteration got better and better. Soon others were asking Odin for other items - custom wallets, belts, and more.

We often say "this was a curiosity that turned into a hobby, morphed into a business and developed into a brand."

Though our operation is still small and lean, we've been able to continuously produce large volumes of our own branded line of leather goods, as well as manufacture white-labeled and co-branded goods for a growing list of clients and customers. We're definitely on the move.

Our product philosophy is to keep things simple. Our designs allude to a classic American style and focus on functionality. We want our customers to feel confident that OLG's belts, wallets, bags, and pouches are durable enough to travel the world with them, all while still being perfect for everyday use. Not only are our goods made in the USA, (with a few rare occasional exceptions) we also source all of our leather and hardware right here in the USA.

In early 2018 we finally outgrew our two car garage workshop and moved into a 1500 sqft workshop space in the heart of Coppell, TX. That new space further expanded our ability to produce some of the best leather goods available on the market. We expanded the brand and opened our retail store in March of the infamous 2020 and will likely move into a larger workshop and open a 2nd retail store in the near future.