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Acai Bead Bracelet

$ 12.50


Handmade bracelets made with ecco friendly seeds from the Açaí berry. Each bracelet is handmade by Rachelle, aka Mrs. Odin Leather - and is 100% natural and one of a kind. Due to the nature of the product no two bracelets are exactly alike. These simple bracelets made from the seeds of the Acai berry are perfect for mix and matching and layering. These seeds, dyed with different colors are a unique accessory for both men and women.


Natural açaí beads are natural seeds and are the core (pit) of the Acai Berry fruit.

All seeds are hand drilled and the whole process is handmade from the begghing to the end.

Beads are very unique and no two beads are the same.

Beads have been tumbled to give them a nice sheen, no vernish or lacquer have been used on them.


Acai seeds feel very much like wooden beads. So, if you get the wet, dry with care. The best way to dry the beads is to place them over a little paper towel or cloth and let them stay there for a few hours.

To give your jewelry a nice sheen, use a little bit of bees wax and spread throughout.


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