Tennessee Peanut Co.

Southern Roasted Peanuts - 2lbs Sack / In-Shell

$ 16

A Southern favorite! Roasted in-shell peanuts. From the not-so-distant past of front porches and simple-grandad advice from a rocking chair - these 2-pound bags of cajun or salty peanuts are like diving into a world of honesty, practicality, and simplicity at its finest.

Crack open and pop a few in a glass of your favorite cola, or keep it next to the grill for ultimate tailgate cred. Our 2 Pound In-Shell Peanuts have been freshly roasted to perfection, delivering a delicious and crunchy flavor experience. These roasted peanuts are a healthy and delicious snack, providing beneficial nutrients like protein and fiber. Enjoy the snack that nature made! 


  •  2lbs
  • 6-month shelf life.

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