We choose leathers that age beautifully over time. Very little care is needed to protect your investment in fine leather goods and ensure many years of service. We proudly offer several different options of leather conditioner and cleaners:

  • Odin Leather Goods Leather Conditioner – COMING SOON!
  • Blackrock Leather-n-Rich – For cleaning and conditioning your leather. Perfect for boots, belts, bags, furniture, and all smooth leather goods.
  • Smith’s Natural Leather Balm – Great for nourishing dry leather.

For some of our leather offerings, like Chromexcel, we recommend merely rubbing the leather with a soft cloth or rag to bring out its sheen and to buff away any small scuffs that develop with use. Chromexcel may exhibit a waxy finish after sitting in transit; this is a natural trait of the specific tanning process and can quickly be dealt with by gently burnishing the item with a cloth.