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About Odin

I was born and reared in Galveston, Texas, part of a family of 4. I learned a lot about hard work and dedication from my parents. I attended Texas A&M University where I met my beautiful wife, Rachelle. These days, in between working a full-time day job (as the Director of Global Digital Marketing at a mid-sized health and wellness company), and rearing two kids (who are a handful but a huge blessing), I’ve been gradually growing a small handmade leather goods brand — Odin Leather Goods ( What started as a hobby has, in the last few years, steadily grown into a passion and a true pleasure. My small company now reaches and delivers goods to customers all over the world.

At my day job, I am responsible for leading the online strategy and management of 35+ websites, mobile apps, and digital tools. Prior to this, I have done some consulting, web design, print design, and even some sales. But at night, my creative side takes over and I spend my time cutting, burnishing, punching, stitching, lacing, stamping, assembling, and finishing a collection of quality leather products that I offer for sale on my website. I also craft a lot of custom orders.

When I’m not working or creating or hanging out with my kids, I enjoy riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles (as you could probably tell from my video). My life is full, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.