To guarantee top-notch custom stamping and laser engraving, Odin Leather Goods requires your artwork in a vector format. We understand that vector artwork may not be common knowledge for everyone, so here's a breakdown:

In the digital imagery realm, there are two primary types:

  • Raster Images: Made up of countless tiny pixels or dots, great for photos and intricate details but may lose quality when resized.
  • Vector Images: Constructed using mathematical paths, ideal for illustrations and logos, and can be scaled without quality loss, but not well-suited for gradient color shifts.

Common Vector File Types: 

  • .eps
  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
  • .pdf (some not all PDFs)
  • .svg
  • .sketch

Note: Please note that simply changing the file extension is insufficient; the artwork itself must be originally created in vector format.

Popular Vector-Based Image Editors: Consider using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw for creating or modifying vector artwork.

Where to Find Your Vector Artwork: An organization's graphic designer or marketing team can typically provide the necessary vector artwork.

Options for Converting Raster Art to Vector Art

  1. Ask the Original Designer: If you have access to them, asking the original designer or creator of the art is an easy way to get the files needed. Graphic designers usually typically deliver all these file formats at the completion of the project.
  2. Online Services: Use Redraw ( or Raster to Vector (, or find design professionals through services like Fiver (
  3. OLG Assistance: Odin Leather Goods can assist with graphic design work at an hourly rate of $50.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and this information ensures your custom engraving and stamping projects meet your expectations. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.