Odin Leather Goods

Box of Leather Scraps (~30lbs)

$ 75

Get your hands on a box of usable scraps from our everyday operations. Each 30lb box contains a variety of leathers in various colors, types, and cuts - including occasional exotic pieces. Perfect for practicing or even creating resale items like wallets and keychains. Don't miss out on this valuable resource for leather crafting!


We empty our scrap bins to make room for the next set of jobs in the queue each week or two. Tiny, damaged, and otherwise unsalable bits are discarded in the trash immediately, but any potentially usable drops and cut-offs go in our scrap bin. Once the bin fills, we box up what we can and make the scraps available to others who could put them to good use.


Each box is 16”x16”x16” and weighs approximately 30 lbs. The contents vary, but they're all scraps from our everyday operations. Depending on the week you may expect, each box may contain any variety of leathers of various colors, tannages (veg tan, chrome tan, and some oil tan leathers), temper/firmness, weights/thickness, and cuts. You may even find an occasional exotic leather or piece of shell cordovan. Pieces may be big or small but all are useable for practice and even finished items you could resell - like wallets, keychains or even a tiny bag.

We cannot sort through boxes and or confirm their contents. Scraps are boxed up and sealed ahead of time and are sold as "as is".


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