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Luggage Marker 3-Pack

$ 24

3-packs of personalized luggage tags make it easy to find your items. We came up with these items just in time for the back-to-school rush, but they also work great on suitcases, gear bags and cases, lunch boxes, and backpacks. 

They're easy to put on or take off but are secure and will not just fall off while your bags are tossed around by baggage handlers or when the kids are just roughhousing.


Adults - Adults are more commonly referred to by their last names, so that will more likely than not be the name you want to highlight. So enter the recipient's first name as Line 1, which will be the small name on the tag, and the LAST NAME in Line 2, which would be shown as the larger name on the tag. 

For Kids - It may be more beneficial to have the person's first name large and their last name small. So enter the LAST NAME in Line 1 and FIRST NAME in Line 2.


Sure! We're able to make these tags custom for you or your organization. Contact us for custom colors and quantities. We can even include your company logo, other specific information, or develop custom shapes for you. 

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