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Artisan Candle (8oz Paint Tin)

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Everyone walks in our store or workshop and says "it smells so good, I wish I could take it home with me" and thus the beginning of our ever popular leather candle.

As we've been working on new packaging and new recipes to launch an entire new line of leather candles, (don't worry, we're keeping our signature leather candle you love so much), it seems we overfilled a huge batch.

But, because you've waited so patiently while we've been in the lab working on new fragrances and rebranding, and so many of you have called, messaged or dropped by our retail store demanding we get your favorite candle back in stock - we are releasing a few of these "oops our bad" candles online only.

They will come unlabeled and with a lid (that will eventually fit great after a few hours of burn). Some may have visual imperfections on the surface but will burn and smell just as great as the pretty ones. 

These are available online only while supplies last.

Want to buy online and pickup in store? Use "OOPS!" coupon code at checkout for free shipping  (free shipping is only eligible for orders picked up in-person at our retail store). 


    • 8oz candles in an unlabeled paint can with lid 
    • Wood wick - burns just like a woven one; may have to relight a few times on first burn. 
    • Hand-poured (and slightly over-filled) soy* wax candles produced in small batches
    • 40-45 hour burn time

     *Soy wax burns clean, unlike petroleum wax, so it won't leave soot or carcinogens in the air.  For the best result, Allow the wax to form a puddle before extinguishing. Trim the wick to about 1/4" before every burn.

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