Odin Leather Goods

Charging Cable Tool Roll

$ 45

Tool rolls have become a popular method for carrying all sorts of gear. They're a great - lightweight and an efficient use of space. We love them! For carrying charging cables, we're taking an already attractive design and make a few improvements of our own.

We started with a single piece of leather as the base, then stitched the sides to create a pocket. Each cord slot is terminated with a round hole to reduce the possibility of tearing over time. We also upgraded the strap by using natural veg-tan leather for durability and great looks. For the hardware, we use a solid brass stud and a rivet. The strap has four slots to allow for adjustments.

The end result is a great looking roll that will last you for years to come and look better and better with time.

Each cable roll easily carries two large power adapters and three regular sized cables.

When rolled it measures about 3"x6"x3".

Material: veg-tanned, top grain cowhide with lots of character. Natural range markings and some visible brands give the leather a distinct and rugged look and some pull-up characteristics. 

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