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Slapjack “Paperweights”

$ 55

Update 6/30/20 6:30PM: The 3rd batch of flapjacks, like the first two batches, sold out very quickly. We'll have another batch available in a week or two. Use the notification option below to get an email as soon as the next set is available.

Leather slapjacks, or blackjacks, as they are also known to have been used by law enforcement for generations. It has a thick leather outer skin that is sewn around a flexible spring steel handle and has lead shot in the striking end. The steel keeps the unit rigid but allows a little give when you strike something. Slappers are flat and slip right into a pants pocket almost unnoticed.

This was a very effective device for offensive and defensive needs when law enforcement use to carry them. In fact, many police departments had a special pocket built into the officer’s uniform intended to carry slapjacks. It was usually down the side of the leg and would allow the leather strap to hang out. Those days, are rightfully long gone, and most departments do not allow officers to use these devices anymore, but a lot of collectors want them for their collections. They're also great for anyone who'd prefer to keep a defensive tool close at hand - men and women - when they're out and about.

That said, here's my obligatory disclaimer... The slappers we sell are for novelty purposes only and not meant to be carried for self-defense. So... This item is best used as a paperweight!

Actively using items like this will likely result in you getting in some trouble. In some states the may even be illegal - so check your local laws and regulations (I'm not responsible for doing that for you). Luckily, they are perfectly legal to possess and carry in the State of Texas.  


  • Length – 9" L x 2" W
  • Weight – 6oz


  • Three layers of vegetable tanned American cowhide
  • Spring steel and lead shot inside


  • Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth, then treat with Blackrock Leather-n-Rich or Smith's Leather Balm.


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